At 1life, we believe that confidentiality is very important to anyone who calls, or texts us. For that reason, telephone numbers are neither stored by 1life, nor visible to 1life workers. Therefore, a caller, or texter can choose, what identifying information (if any) they would like to share with 1life. They can remain anonymous if they wish.


Any identifying information given by a caller or texter is kept confidential within 1life, but there are two exceptions to this;


  • If the worker at 1life believes there to be an immediate risk of harm to a caller/texter. or to another person, they will pass any indentifying and relevant information to the emergency services.


  • If the worker at 1life believes there to be a risk of harm or abuse to an identifiable child, they will also inform relevant authorities.


Note that any inappropriate, hoax or nuisance calls to 1life will also be reported to Gardaí.


If you are unsure about any aspect of confidentiality at 1life, the person who answers your call or text message, can answer any questions you may have.